What is BlakkRenaissance ? Alot of people must be really curious to know the meaning of this word since it has recently popped up in front of their cell phones or computer screens.

Well BlakkRenaissance is a combination of the word black which is altered to slang “blakk” just tobe creative and Renaissance is the rise of a modern world ,a cultural rebirth from the 14th through the 17th century in European middle age history period,when two of these  words are combined they can simply be defined as a generation of multi disciplined black artists who are promoting the revival of learning and culture in our african societies.

The love of African culture is growing every day and more African people are starting to accept who they are because of the various artists that preach the blakkRenaissance through their music,art, poetry, the clothes they design and the way they present themselves to the masses,for instance if you look at South African hiphop and analyze how it began to receive it’s recognition amongst it’s own people after they started using their own culture as a major influence in their music rather than adapting to the hiphop cultures of countries like USA,England,Canada and so forth! That was only an eye opener for many artists and the beginning of the blakkRenaissance.

The BlakkRenaissance is on the rise and many artists are benefiting from the fruits of this blakk market were people share ideas and manifest them to better our own African cultures,I think the only way to modernise a society is to let the people of that society have a free-flow of ideas that can be developed to a sophisticated standard or better their ways of living in a modern community and BlakkRenaissance is not only a community of skilled black individuals,No!its also about forming an elite black society were every black male and female contributes their ideas in restructuring the African continent into an independent United States of Africa.